Aranypatkó Fogadó
Aranypatkó Fogadó - Panzió és Étterem
9081 Győrújbarát, István u. 21.
+36 96 543 730


   The Roman-Catholic church of Kisbarát built in baroque style at the beginning of the 1700’s
   Its garden is a cemetery at the same time which makes it unique in this region
     The Roman-Catholic church of Nagybarát – an about 200 years old building with an original high altar and pulpit. The side-altars were brought here from Győr after the dissolution of the Franciscan order.
 The Protestant church was built in 1786 - 1787 in baroque style, its steeple was built in the 20th century.
WWI and WWII Monuments in Kisbarát and Nagybarát
Traditional house of the region (Mini Skanzen)
  French-stone lookout tower, wooden headboard
 Bust of Lajos Kossuth
   Sculpture of Ferenc Rákóczi II
The wooden carved gate of the Csobolyó Folk Dance Ensemble

Garden parties
Horse riding facilities
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