Aranypatkó Fogadó
Aranypatkó Fogadó - Panzió és Étterem
9081 Győrújbarát, István u. 21.
+36 96 543 730

Garden parties

Garden parties, family events
Book a table in our cosy green garden where BBQ, kettle places, outdoor entertaining with e.g. swings and table tennis possibilities are waiting for you.
In such amazing surroundings you will enjoy a casual coze while barbequing and drinking beer. Spend a pleasant afternoon or evening with your family members or fellow workers here!
We make all the arrangements providing all the ingredients. You can choose us to make you a BBQ, or you can cook and grill yourself as the host of your guests.
Garden reservation must be requested in advance.
Further information: +36 96 543 730

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